Temperature-controlled express transport

Temperature-controlled logistics services for Europe, Turkey and Morocco

We offer you the best solutions with our temperature-controlled logistics services in Europe, Turkey and Morocco for refrigerated, perishable and pharmaceutical products with temperatures from -25º to +25º.

Design and maintenance of the road cold chain

Our team of experts is fully dedicated to the design and maintenance of the road cold chain. We create bespoke and customised solutions for your business to meet your specific needs.

GDP Standards

Our drivers are trained in GDP regulations and customer procedures. We offer solutions adapted to the needs of each company that has in the distribution of the Pharma channel an important area of its business.

Pharma Service

By means of temperature-controlled vehicle (good distribution practices for medicines for human use and active ingredients).

What does temperature-controlled transport consist of?

At Transpecial, we are proud to explain what temperature-controlled goods transport consists of, as it is one of the fundamental services we offer. This type of transport focuses on guaranteeing that the cold chain remains intact at all times, from the moment we collect vegetables, fruit, foodstuffs and perishable products from the warehouse until they reach their final destination.

The main peculiarity of this type of goods lies in their extreme sensitivity to temperature changes during handling and transport. In particular, critical moments occur during loading and handling operations in warehouses, as temperature variations of a few degrees can have a significant impact on the quality of the products. It is therefore essential to take extreme precautions throughout the process.

To ensure that the goods arrive at their destination at a controlled temperature and without alterations, we use refrigerated goods vehicles that have the necessary technology to maintain the specific thermal conditions of each type of product.

How does Temperature Controlled Goods Transport work?

At Transpecial, we understand that excellence in the transport of temperature-controlled goods is based on the correct operation of our specialised vehicles and equipment. Our trucks for this purpose have fully insulated transport units, which allow them to maintain a controlled temperature inside.

These vehicles are equipped with essential refrigeration components, including a compressor, condenser and evaporator. Our refrigeration systems ensure efficient operation, even in extreme conditions, with outside temperatures ranging from -40°C to 55°C. Inside our trucks, we keep the temperature constant and controlled, ranging from -35°C to 22°C, depending on the specific needs of the products being transported.

A fundamental aspect for the correct operation of our equipment is that the goods are refrigerated at the time of loading. If we introduce products at higher temperatures, our refrigeration equipment will have to work harder, which means higher energy consumption.

At Transpecial, we use specialised refrigeration equipment in our temperature-controlled trucks, which vary according to their cooling capacity. Our main objective is to keep the temperature of the goods constant at all times. To achieve this, some of our vehicles use low-capacity fans to ensure proper air circulation and therefore temperature maintenance.

In addition, our refrigerated transport trucks comply with specific features, such as an airtight interior made of corrosion-resistant materials, which ensures watertightness. The surfaces allow air circulation and avoid direct contact of the goods with the ground, storing them in specific containers. Finally, the absence of communication between the load unit and the driver’s cab is ensured to preserve the integrity of the goods.

What are the types of vehicles used in temperature-controlled transport?

A) Isothermal Vehicle with Insulated Interior:

This type of vehicle is designed with an interior that has insulation in the walls, doors, floor and roof. Its main function is to minimise heat exchange between the interior and the exterior. It provides a stable thermal environment for the cargo, maintaining a constant temperature during transport.

B) Refrigerated Vehicle (Class A, B, C, D):

Refrigerated vehicles, in addition to an insulated box, are equipped with a cold source, which can be ice or gas.

This cold source makes it possible to lower the temperature inside the compartment and keep it constant, even in conditions of high outside temperature.They are divided into four classes according to the required temperature:

Class A: Maximum temperature of 7°C.

Class B: Temperature of -10°C.

Class C: Temperature of -20°C.

Class D: Maximum temperature of 0°C.

C) Refrigerated Vehicle with Temperature Selection:

Refrigerated vehicles are isothermal vehicles equipped with cold production devices.This allows specific temperatures to be selected and maintained inside the vehicle according to the needs of the load. The temperature range can vary between 12°C and -20°C, depending on the type of refrigerated vehicle used.

D) Refrigerated Vehicle (Class A and B):

Similar to isothermal vehicles, heatable vehicles have an insulated interior. However, instead of producing cold, they are equipped with heat-producing devices. This allows the temperature inside the compartment to be raised and maintained for a specific period, usually at least 12 hours. They are divided into two classes according to the outside temperature:

Class A: Designed for outside temperatures of -10°C.

Class B: Adapted to outside temperatures of -20°C.

These types of vehicles are used depending on the temperature requirements of the cargo, climatic conditions and transport distance to ensure that the quality of the products is preserved during the shipping process.

At Transpecial, we pride ourselves on offering a temperature-controlled transport service that ensures excellence in the safe handling and delivery of temperature-sensitive products.

Our experience and commitment make us the ideal partner for transporting goods under these strict conditions.

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