Express transport of dangerous goods ADR

Transpecial ensures the transport of dangerous goods ADR

This regulates dangerous goods by road and aims to guarantee the safety and technical requirements, international procedures and requirements of this mode of transport.
We always operate within the parameters of the ADR convention for land transport, offering our clients maximum efficiency in their operations and minimising the risk of incidents.

Certified specialists

We ensure shipments carefully complying with specific safety protocols and applying national and international standards for the product to be transported to countries with their own customs, such as the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Handling protocols

Dangerous goods require precise and careful handling and we have specific handling and transport protocols. Let us know the details of your shipment so we can advise you on compliance with national and international regulations.

ADR is our DNA at Transpecial

At Transpecial, our passion for transport and logistics has led us to specialise in the handling of dangerous goods according to ADR regulations. For us, ADR is more than a set of regulations; it is part of our identity and our mission. We pride ourselves on being experts in the handling, labelling and transportation of all types of dangerous goods, ensuring safety and efficiency at every step of the process.

We handle the whole process

When it comes to dangerous goods, we know that safety is paramount. At Transpecial, we handle the entire process, from the initial handling to the safe delivery of the cargo to its final destination. Our highly trained and experienced team handles the handling of dangerous goods, ensuring that all ADR regulations and standards are met.

Accurate labelling is essential in the transport of dangerous goods, and at Transpecial, we take it seriously. We ensure that all goods are labelled appropriately and in compliance with ADR standards. This ensures that both our customers and the relevant authorities have the necessary information to guarantee safe handling and smooth delivery.

Our fleet of specialised vehicles is equipped for the transport of dangerous goods, and our drivers are experts in handling this type of cargo. We rigorously comply with all ADR regulations regarding transport, ensuring that your goods reach their final destination safely and within the established deadlines.

At Transpecial, ADR is our DNA. We are committed to safety and efficiency in the transport of dangerous goods, and pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service from handling to delivery. You can rely on us to expertly handle your dangerous goods and ensure they reach their destination safely and in perfect condition.


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