About us

We are a family business dedicated to express transport with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. We specialise in International Express Transport, providing express collection and delivery services throughout Europe, both to and from Europe, in record time.

Leading and demanding industries, such as automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and healthcare, already rely on us. We embrace our customers’ challenges so they can maintain business as usual. With more than 30 years of making our customers’ lives easier, this experience is reflected in practice.

Our distinction is based on:


Our clients confirm it: “There is something special about Transpecial”. Because when time is not on your side, Transpecial IS on your side.

What do we do?

At TRANSPECIAL you will find quick reactions and concrete solutions for any of your urgent transports. No excuses, no borders… Because we have been making our customers’ lives easier for more than 30 years. And in practice, this shows.

Our values

Since personal relationships are very important at Transpecial we have decided that the values that govern our relationships are:

Good communication




We believe that these values are essential to our day-to-day work and that our customers and collaborators will benefit from them. Continuing with our values, we believe that the role of the company in improving our society is important, which is why, as we do every year, we allocate part of the profits obtained to social work. Mainly to ATZEGI, an association in Gipuzkoa in favour of people with intellectual disabilities and to Save the Children, who work to build a fairer world and society for children.

From the beginning we had it in our DNA, with the objective in mind, but officially the whole TRANSPECIAL team has decided that our mission is “to offer a quality service and good treatment to our clients”.

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